Messenger for Windows 10 PC updated to reduce loading time

Jack Wilkinson

Facebook has released an update to its Messenger app on Windows 10 for PCs. The update is a fairly minor one, yet still important to the vast array of people who use it to communicate.

With this update, the Messenger app now loads in about half the time it previously did, usually only having to wait a few seconds now, rather than almost a minute in some cases.

Over time, Facebook is continuing to refine its apps on the Windows 10 platform, ported from iOS to Windows by its OSMeta tools. The speed of its apps has seen significant improvements in comparison to when they first launched, however, we continue to see complaints from users of slow loading across Windows 10 PC and mobile. Hopefully this update will help resolve that for some users.

Let us know in the comments below if you have noticed an increase in the loading time – or if anything else has changed that we may have missed!

Developer: Meta
Price: Free