Evernote’s Presentation Mode is finally here for Windows, aims to make meetings easier to manage


Meetings done right! - Evernote's Presentation Mode is finally here for Windows

Evernote is a great application that makes it easier for its users to remember things, no matter how important they are. Evernote is available on almost all platforms – computers, phones, tablets, and web.

Evernote has introduced a feature called Presentation mode. Its main aim was to make meetings easier to manage. By connecting your computer to an external monitor or projector, and clicking the Presentation Mode icon, users can transform their notes into full screen and easy-to-scroll layout.

Another awesome feature of Presentation mode is that it turns your cursor into a laser pointer, making highlighting easier. The company, at first, only introduced it on the Mac and iOS platform, but they’ve recently announced that this Presentation Mode is now available for Windows users as well.

“From mood boards to mock-ups, Presentation Mode is great for showing images. Drop the images into a note, then start your presentation. Tapping on an image brings it to full screen, a click left or right will move you to the next or previous image. On iPhone and iPad, we’ve added useful swipe gestures and a grid mode to easily see the images,” wrote Andrew Sinkov.

Please note that Presentation Mode is a Premium feature. But they’re giving a free trial of 30 days to users.