Measure worker productivity with new Office 365 Workplace Analytics solution

Dave W. Shanahan

Image of reflection on glass showing people working with Microsoft devices with "Office 365" text

In a post on the Office 365 blog, Ryan Fuller, general manager of Office 365 Workplace Analytics offers a new way to analyze worker productivity.

Fuller is talking about Microsoft Workplace Analytics, an informative workplace tool, that is now generally available as an add-on for all Office 365 enterprise users. Microsoft Workplace Analytics gives employers unmatched insight that can improve workforce productivity and efficiency.

With the power of Office 365, Workplace Analytics uses Office 365 email and calendar metadata to show how their employees communicate and collaborate, to provide employers with better insight on how their organizations can improve.

In addition, Microsoft Workplace Analytics has optimized privacy and compliance capabilities that are built-in. Office 365 enterprise customers can use their Office 365 Workplace Analytics data to solve their own business productivity and efficiency issues at their own pace.

Another Workplace Analytics strong point is the ability to identify top sales performers and their performing patterns to increase sales productivity. Office 365 enterprise customers stand to gain special insights not only by sales performers, but their managers’ effectiveness as well.

Tom Springer, partner at Bain, describes how Office 365 helps his company improve their market strategies and improve company growth:

“Workplace Analytics is becoming an essential part of our toolkit. It shows us where and how our clients are deploying their scarcest resources: the time, talent and energy of their people. Workplace Analytics consistently yields unique insights into resource allocation, collaboration behaviors and organizational networks. We integrate these insights with broader perspectives on strategy, operating model and results delivery to help our clients organize for maximum productivity.”

Office 365 Workplace Analytics is available now as an add-on for Office 365 enterprise users.