Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10 RTM now receiving dark theme and more

Staff Writer

Mail and Calendar dark theme

If you’re not a Windows 10 Insider, you may want to check for updates on the Windows Store as the Mail and Calendar apps have received quite big updates. The latest version of the apps bring a dark theme option; something only Windows 10 Insiders got a first look at a couple of weeks ago.
This update also introduces the theme color to the apps so the title bar isn’t white any more and text links now sport your favorite customizable color. Some options have changed, for example in Mail, if you have multiple accounts, they are now listed in the left hand column. In the previous version of the Mail app, account links were hidden away in a menu under the word “Accounts”.
Updates like these may have been what Joe Belfiore was referring to in a recent tweet when he said that more features would be coming for the bundled Windows 10 apps. Can you spot any other changes that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below.
Thanks for the tips, Liron and Lucas!