Lumia Denim camera features detailed thoroughly in newly released video

Sean Cameron


Lumia Denim has been one of the most anticipated software releases of the year for Windows Phone users. In a platform that has traditionally seen glacially-paced update rollouts, the gradual trickle of information regarding the software release has since turned into something of a roar. 

Among other detailed features, such as live folders, what Denim promises to truly transform is the camera experience delivered on Windows Phone. Adding a number of great new modes such as Rich Capture (HDR) and adjustable flash, Denim will transform an already great camera app into something far more feature rich and modern, at least if a new user released video is anything to go by.

Using a UK-version of the Lumia 930, flashed with the Danish-version of Denim, Luke Rodriguez gives a thorough run-through, in particular showing off the 4K capabilities of the device and the stunning action-images it can produce through Lumia Moments, a new app included with update. The new camera app can be seen as having a slightly different UI, featuring more transparent icons, with the new features taking a prominent place in the upper toolbar. What is especially clear is the vast improvements that have been made to launch times, as well as shot-to-shot times, with the new app running like lightning in comparison to its earlier versions.

If this video is anything to go by, Lumia Denim will prove to be well worth the wait, even if it has been a while yet.

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