LG showcases a number of new Windows 10 devices in Korea

Hammad Saleem

Over the past few days, we’ve seen several OEMs launching and showcasing their new Windows 10 devices. Earlier this week, we saw some new Windows 10 devices from Acer and Toshiba and it seems LG doesn’t want to stay behind.
Terry Myerson was on hand in Korea as LG announced a number of new Windows 10 devices, including the gram 13”, gram 14”, Tabbook Duo (10.1” Tablet), and 21:9 Curved AIO. All these devices will ship with Windows 10. Furthermore, customers interested in the LG Gram will be able to get their hands on it through Microsoft stores this holiday season, and the company also aims to make sure these devices are available in other global markets as well.
LG also mentioned that all of its PCs will be upgraded to Windows 10 by December. The software giant seems to have a strong presence in Korea which is the “fastest adoption the market has ever seen for Windows – five times faster than Windows 8.” There are 22,000 devices already running Windows 10, with over 1 billion hours spent on Windows 10 since launch.