Lenovo releases a PDF guide to help you get started with Windows 10

Hammad Saleem

Lenovo releases a guide to help you get started with Windows 10

Windows 10 is set to launch in just a few weeks — it’s set to be made available globally on July 29th. The excitement is building up and Microsoft has already begun training retail professionals on how to sell Windows 10. Lenovo is jumping on board the hype train and has released its own guide on how to get started with Windows 10.

The guide is titled “Starting to use Windows 10” and helps Windows users find out everything new in the operating system. The 23-page guide is divided into different chapters, explaining various features and aspects of the new Windows 10 operating system. It’s divided into six chapters: “Unpack” Windows (OOBE); Microsoft account brings many benefits; The Start Menu and the Action Center; OneDrive extends your local storage; Windows Store makes getting apps easier; and Restore Windows. 

These are further divided into sub-categories going into detail of each aspect such as how to setup your new machine, benefits of using the Microsoft account on your computer, the return of the Start Menu and the Action center, pin apps, find them, how create a system backup, setting up OneDrive local drive on your computer, and lots more.  

As Lenovo explains, the operating system is a very important part of a personal computer and your experience correlates to your comfort levels with the operating system. Here’s how Lenovo describes the guide:

“The operating system is a very important part of a personal computer. Your experience with your computer will be at its best if you’re comfortable with the operating system installed on it. With that in mind, we have provided this publication to get you up and running with Windows 10. Once you feel more confident with the basics, you may refer to information provided by Microsoft to explore more advanced features of Windows 10. If there are conflicts between information provided by Lenovo and Microsoft regarding Windows 10, the information provided by Microsoft prevails.”

Stay tuned to WinBeta — we’ll update you as soon as the new operating system starts hitting existing computers. And as always, we’ll continue to bring you an extensive Windows 10 coverage.