Learn more about Azure Data Lake, which just reached General Availability, in this 20 minute video

Dave W. Shanahan

Azure, Data Lake

In addition to other announcements made yesterday at Connect(); 2016 in New York City, Microsoft’s Channel 9 posted a video overview of the general availability of Azure Data Lake (ADL).

ADL is an important piece of Cortana Intelligence, and Microsoft’s Channel 9 provides an outline of ADL.

According to the video, Microsoft believes that ADL can provide customers with a scalable analytics solution.

“ADL offers a hyper-scale data repository for storing data of any type, and is built to the open HDFS standard. You can store trillions of files, and single files can be over a petabyte large. ADL makes it easy to run massively parallel data transformations and data processing programs using U-SQL, R, Python and .NET over your petabytes of data – and all with just a few lines of code and absolutely no infrastructure to manage.”

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