Learn how to cook with Skype’s new “Heston bot”

Arif Bacchus

Chef Heston Blumenthal

Have you ever wanted to become a master chef or have your own personal chef to guide you in the cooking of your meals? Well, if you’re a cooking pro or a new to the kitchen cooking noob, you might want to check out Skype’s first ever food-inspired “Heston bot.”

The Heston bot provides cooking tips, seasonal menus, and personal anecdotes directly from legendary Chef Heston Blumenthal. Skype believes that the bot will “empower you to think differently about food,” by making cooking “a fun and immersive experience that evolves as your skills do.” Heston bot will also deliver to you new recipes based on different seasons and themes, meaning you will never get bored with the same recipes. And, for added fun, you can stay tuned during the weeks in between episodes for additional bursts of cooking info, stories, and chats from Heston.

To get started with Heston Bot, you can simply search for “Heston Bot” in the Skype Bot Directory, read the bot’s profile and terms, and then click “Add to Contacts.” You must be running the latest Skype app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or the web to enjoy the experience, so be sure that you’re fully updated!