Leaked Starfield Xbox controller might even be the real thing

Robert Collins

Earlier this week apparently leaked images of a custom Starfield Xbox controller surfaced online. Whether this leak is the real deal or not remains to be seen, though it has to be said the images certainly look real enough.

These images can also be seen over on Imgur. Here’s hoping it’s real, because the controller looks positively slick. Until we see more of this supposedly official Xbox product it’s probably best to take this “leak” with a grain of salt. The source of the images remains uncertain, with the poster simply stating that the pics “came from the Chinese internet.”

As for Starfield itself, the game is still set to release on September 6, 2023 after years of anticipation. Before that, we’ll be treated to a Starfield Direct showcase on June 11. An epic space role playing adventure from Bethesda, Starfield will likely be one of the biggest game releases of 2023. Expectations for the game are, if you’ll excuse the pun, stratospheric.

What do you think of this custom Starfield Xbox controller? If it is indeed real, will you be getting one? Or do you suppose it might come bundled with the game’ physical release, perhaps in a special edition along with a similarly themed custom Xbox console? Now that would be exciting!

Featured image via @IdleSloth84/Twitter.