Leaked report reveals interesting facts about Xbox One demographics

Dave W. Shanahan

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 on Xbox One

According to leaked internal Microsoft documents found exclusively by Windows Central, there are many interesting statistics regarding Xbox gamers.

The Microsoft internal documents were meant to be shared privately with Xbox partners in an effort to help understand the diversity of Xbox One gamers on Xbox Live. Some of the Xbox statistics were obtained via responses from about 2,000 Xbox One owners across the US. Here is a list of the statistics as reported by Windows Central:

“The split in Xbox One ownership between genders is 42 percent female and 58 percent male.
Most Xbox One gamers reside in the 25- to 34-year-old bracket, followed closely by the 35- to 44-year-old bracket.
56 percent of Xbox One owners live with a married spouse or partner, 10 percent live alone, and 23 percent live with their parents.
Many Xbox One owners have an annual income of around $75,000.”

When examining Xbox player behaviors on Xbox Live, Microsoft used a range of categories to label gamers on how they use Xbox One and Xbox Live; 53% of Xbox One owners fit into the “socializing” category because they play an average of 17 hours per week playing multiplayer games on Xbox Live. Microsoft saw the other 50% of gamers are “explorers,” because they use a number of Xbox Live services, such as Game Pass and EA Access and purchase a number of different game titles.

xbox live stats behaviour 1 1
Microsoft report obtained by Windows Central

Windows Central also found that Microsoft Research grouped Xbox One owners through their activities on Xbox Live, finding nine traits of gamers to label how they play on Xbox Live. In another Microsoft document obtained by Windows Central, you can see the nine traits of gamers on Xbox Live and how they play.

xbox live gamer types
Image: Windows Central

Microsoft used the information that they collected on Xbox One owners to build more features and capabilities into Xbox Live to try to increase player engagement and improve Xbox One games and Xbox Live services based on how players play games.