LBRY’s desktop client updates for Windows with improvements and fixes

Brad Stephenson

LBRY decentralized blockchain hosting logo

The official LBRY desktop app updated today for Windows devices. This latest update brings the app up to Version 0.52.6 and makes improvements to disk space management and media sorting in addition to fixing a number of app crash bugs.

Here’s the release notes for the LBRY desktop Version 0.52.6 update:


  • Discover page medium duration filter (#7506)
  • Keep last used collection for Add To (#7491)
  • Disk space functionality on mac / windows (#7500)
  • Enable renaming private collections (#7519)


  • Some upgrade modal improvements (#7488)
  • Updated lbry-sdk to 0.107.1
  • New YRBL!; facelift for first run (#7527)


  • Failed comment count increment (#7510)
  • App crash playing media on older windows versions by updating electron (#7509)
  • Local build failures on mac (#7497)
  • Language change now rerenders whole app (#7504)
  • Mac notarization (#7518)
  • Prevent crash when deleting last comment reply (#7526)

LBRY, pronounced “Library,” is a blockchain project that’s aiming to build a decentralized web hosting solution for video, audio, and other media. All users who download the desktop client essentially help host parts of the LBRY network while anyone can also upload almost anything to the service by using the same app.

Once files have been uploaded to the LBRY blockchain, they can be accessed within the LBRY app or by using an alternative interface such as Odysee which is basically a YouTube rival that focuses primarily on LBRY-hosted videos.

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