Latest Xbox One Preview update brings mobile carrier payment options

Kit McDonald

Xbox One

Reddit user CDragon00 was about to add a new card to their account yesterday when they realized that there was a new payment option on his Xbox One. The option to add a mobile phone and carrier listed Sprint as the only source. CDragon00 took a couple of screenshots of it to share, sharing that they were in fact in the latest preview update for Xbox One.

Mobile payment options are useful for consumers that do not wish to use or share their credit card information. The costs are instead added onto your monthly phone bill instead of being charged immediately.

It’s worth noting that the mobile payment option only appears to be in the United States for now. If it’s like other mobile payment options for other services, it will likely build partnerships with other carriers and countries. We should likely see more information soon about this feature now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak.

The latest preview build for Xbox One also gave gamers a choice between using Cortana or more traditional Xbox One commands.

What else have you found in the latest preview build for the Xbox One? Share them in the comments below!