Latest Xbox One preview build adds feedback notification, fixes party chat bug



Microsoft has rolled out a new Xbox One preview build for those who are participating in the preview program. This new build is th2_xb_rel_1603.160311-1900 and is rolling out now. Here’s what’s been fixed:

  • Fixed an issue which caused navigating the party menu in the Guide to not correctly update the party state.
  • Additional fixes for graphics and DirectX.

Microsoft has also added a new feature called feedback notification. Basically, this feature will offer you notifications that allow you to rate certain experiences. Don’t worry, if they become annoying, you can adjust the settings and turn it off.

You’ll now periodically receive notifications asking you to rate certain experiences on Xbox One. These notifications, when acted upon, will launch a new lightweight app where you can supply a rating and optionally input text to further explain your score.

Too busy to give feedback when you get the notification? No problem! Just ignore the toast and you can access it under Notifications in the Guide when you’re ready. You’ll also find a new Setting for this feature under Preferences.

Grab the update and share your feedback in the comments below!