Latest Skype UWP Insider app update brings improvements to screen sharing, more

Laurent Giret

Skype Preview

Microsoft’s Skype UWP app finally dropped its “Preview” tag earlier this month, but the app is still not as full-featured as the legacy desktop app. Fortunately, Microsoft is releasing frequent updates and the latest version 11.15.570.0 which is now rolling out to Fast Ring Insiders bring some useful new features.

First of all, the app now lets you share your PC’s audio when you share your desktop screen with your contacts, which is a nice addition. Additionally, you can now open images right within the Skype UWP app (the app previously used the Windows 10 Photos app to do this). Lastly, sharing your feedback about the app is now easier than ever thanks to the new Feedback button in the left navigation bar.

Here is the full changelog:

  • Share your PC’s audio when you share your desktop. Watch videos and listen to music together!
  • See your images withoug having to leave the app. Tap on an image in a conversation and try this out.
  • We love hearing from you. Now you can send us feedback directly from the left navigation bar.

The app has also been updated to version 11.14.675.0 on the Production ring today, but there is no changelog. However, it’s worth noting that the Live Tile finally displays your Skype messages, just like the Windows 10 Messaging app does. This is especially nice to have on Windows 10 Mobile, considering that the legacy Silverlight app used to have a functioning Live Tile right from the start.

The Live Tile is finally useful.

Now, we would really like to see the app being integrated with the Windows 10 Share menu: if you use the Skype UWP app as your default messaging app, not being able to easily share pictures or urls is really inconvenient, to say the least. Let us know in the comments what other features you would like to see being added in the Skype UWP app.