Latest Insider Fast Ring build lets you uninstall certain Windows 10 stock apps

Arif Bacchus

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Earlier today we revealed that the latest Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring build had support for Offline files in OneDrive. There is now some bonus news to report, as it appears that the latest Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring build also lets you uninstall certain stock apps from your device.

The options to uninstall stock apps are accessible by navigating to the Settings menu, clicking on Apps & Features, and then pressing on an app to uninstall it. At the moment, however, only certain apps can be uninstalled, such as Phone, Maps, Mail, and Calander. Other apps which are core to the Windows 10 experience such as People, Store, Sticky Notes, Photos, and Alarm and Clock are greyed out and can not uninstalled.

Uninstalling native Windows 10 apps.

Which stock apps would you like to see uninstalled from Windows 10? Let us know your thoughts on this latest discovery by dropping us a comment in the section below.