Last eps of Walking Dead: The Final Season could still release despite studio collapse

Kareem Anderson

As the dust settles on TellTale Games massive studio downsizing, gamers are now being informed on the status of previous partnerships and development plans for upcoming or scheduled releases.

Yestaerday, OnMSFT reported about how Netflix intends to proceed with its licensed Stranger Things property by potentially shopping it to another gaming studio.

Now it seems that TellTale has a parachute plan in place for its titular franchise, The Walking Dead; instead of severing development and hanging the property out to dry, the studio is looking for other studios to step in and finish its final season.

Despite the studios optimism there is a lot that needs to be sorted out before development continues as well as gamers acknowledging that the creative minds by the original content will have no part in this potential release.

As of now, gamers can at least enjoy The Walking Dead Season 4 across all platforms while negotiations take place for the future of the franchise.