Larry Hryb, Xbox’s Major Nelson, to leave Microsoft

Kip Kniskern

Xbox's Major Nelson

After 20 years with Xbox and 22 with Microsoft, “Major Nelson,” as he is known to millions of gamers and Xbox fans, is leaving Microsoft. Larry Hyrb tweeted out the news:

Hyrb goes on to thanks Xbox team members, to say he’s going to spend some time with his family (“no really!”), to enjoy the Seattle summer, and then begin work “on the next chapter of my career.”

The news was greeted with an outpouring of responses, from Phil Spencer, Aaron Greenberg, Sarah Bond, multiple other Xbox team members past and present, and even from an arch rival:

Hyrb has been one of the faces of Xbox for years, keeping followers up to date on the latest games, interviewing game developers and executives, emceeing Xbox showcases and events, taking time for just about everyone.

As he just tweeted out, he’s cherished every moment, and fans around the world have cherished Major Nelson, too:

I want you to all know that every moment I was able to interact with you the community – here on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Mixer or at the many events I attended around the world, I cherished every single moment. Every hand shake, every time I got stopped on the streets around a convention (happened a lot), every discussion we had about games and every photo we took together. The real magic in gaming is the community who makes, plays, enjoys and celebrates video games TOGETHER. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, Mobile – I don’t care where or how you play – we are ALL one community. 

Thanks to Larry Hyrb for making gaming at Xbox a personal and fun experience.