Karma strikes — the SEA website gets hacked, Microsoft smiles


Karma strikes – the SEA website gets hacked

There’s an old saying — live by the sword, die by the sword. The Syrian Electronic Army has been going after many companies of late, most notably Microsoft. The company has suffered numerous embarrassments, including having its Skype blog, Twitter account and Facebook page taken over. Just yesterday, we learned that the SEA had even infiltrated Microsoft employee email accounts.

But now a strike back has been thrown, though it sadly did not come from the Redmond-based company. Instead, a Turkish hacker group (TurkGuvenligi) is responsible. The group defaced the website of the SEA, stating, in part, “You imbecils will attack our country with fake phishing emails and we’ll accept your lies and dont do anything ? That is the end you deserve”.

The attack was noticed by security researcher Graham Cluely, who states “the notorious Syrian Electronic Army, who have hacked the blogs and social media accounts of numerous organizations (most recently Microsoft and Skype), has discovered what it feels like to be a victim — after its own website was hacked by a rival group”.

This will no doubt bring about some smiles and chuckles around the Microsoft campus. Karma, it seems, has finally struck back.