Join us LIVE for “Talk Microsoft”, our new podcast, today at 11am PDT

Sean Michael

With all of the Surface and Windows 10 news swirling around, it’s too much for just written posts. Tonight we’ll have the first episode of our new podcast “Talk Microsoft.” We’ll be discussing all the biggest news from the recent Microsoft event and even chat some about the Apple event that followed it.

Hosting will be yours truly (Sean Michael), and a new but familiar co-host, popular YouTube celebrity and developer Sean Ong. Both of us will bring our personality and Microsoft related experience to the biggest tech news out of Redmond.

The show will be live on our YouTube channel at 11am PDT. We’ll base our podcast times on Pacific (Redmond) Time so make sure you know what time it’s on in your area. Daylight savings time starts at different times in the UK and US so make sure not to miss us. We’ll then post the podcast on the website in case you can’t tune in live or want to rewatch the show.

Editor’s note:  OnMSFT’s new website launches in one week, get hyped!