Joe Belfiore hints at 'lots more' features coming to Windows 10 apps

Jonny Caldwell

Recently, we reported that the some of the Windows 10 apps (including the Photos app) were updated. But it seems that was just the beginning of what Microsoft has in store for us.
Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president at the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, shared on Twitter that the apps bundled with Windows 10 will receive many more new features.

We don’t know what new features Belfiore might be talking about, but we will share them with you as we find out. Be sure to follow us on Twitter or add us to your feed reader so you can have the latest news delivered to you as soon as they come in.
What kind of features do you think will be added to Microsoft’s Windows 10 apps? What do you think Microsoft can do to improve some of the apps? Let us know what you think in the comments below!