This Japanese video game is launching in the West on Xbox 360

Brad Stephenson

Bullet Soul on Xbox 360

The Japanese Xbox 360 video game, Bullet Soul, has just been confirmed for release outside of Japan on the Xbox 360. This may appear as an odd move considering that the Xbox One is the newer console, but Bullet Soul will be playable on both via the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility functionality.

A post on the official developers’ blog announced the international release of the game and confirmed that it would be slightly different than the domestic Japanese version wherein it will contain all of the downloadable content (DLC) that Japanese gamers had to buy separately after its 2011 launch. The developers acknowledge the amount of time it has taken for the game to ship abroad and praise Microsoft’s backwards compatibility initiative as being a prime motivator for the decision.

Bullet Soul is an arcade action shoot ‘em up with a mix of old school video game graphics and modern anime character artwork. No release date or price has been set yet.