It’s not just you: Mojang is fixing issues preventing PC players from playing Minecraft Dungeons on launch day

Laurent Giret

Minecraft: Dungeons

If you’ve been unable to play Minecraft Dungeons on your PC after the game officially launched today, you’re not alone. Many PC gamers have been encountering “Unable to Verify Game Ownership” messages when launching the game today, and developer Mojang said that it was working on a fix.

“The issues around “Unable to Verify Game Ownership” in Minecraft Dungeons on Windows are still ongoing for some players but many are getting in and playing now. Thanks for your patience as server health improves,” the company said in a tweet published a couple of minutes ago.

Minecraft Dungeons has been released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows today, but only PC gamers seem to have trouble playing the game on launch day. The PC version is available from both the Windows 10 Microsoft Store and the standalone Minecraft Dungeons launcher for older versions of Windows. You can also play the game for free with Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console.

If you haven’t done in yet, we invite you to read our Minecraft Dungeons review published yesterday. If the dungeon crawler looks promising so far, it does feel a bit unfinished with a lack of support for cross-saves and cross-play multiplayer at launch.