Microsoft looks to help IT admins cut down their response time to inappropiate Teams messages

Arif Bacchus

raise your hand in Microsoft Teams

When an employee breaks company policies on services like Teams or Yammer, an IT admin usually has to step in and take charge. That process is usually a lengthy one, but Microsoft is now making moves to help admins cut down their response time to said issues (via TechRadar.)

According to a listing on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, with some incoming changes to the compliance center, the detection and investigation time of said compliance issues will soon be reduced from 24 hours to 1 hour. It’s not clear what the specific changes are, but Microsoft hopes it can help admins “respond to communication compliance alerts promptly.” A separate document from Microsoft looks into the risks of these issues, like scanning emails, and potential messages that might pose human resources issues.

This isn’t the first move Microsoft has taken to help with compliance issues, especially in Teams. Previously, Microsoft worked on a feature to let chat supervisors delete irrelevant and inappropriate chat messages in Teams channels.