iOS Xbox app update fixes iPhone XS Max compatibility issues and other bugs

Brad Stephenson

No Man's Sky on Xbox One

The official Xbox app for Apple’s iOS devices updated this morning with a variety of fixes that should make iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad users happy.

This latest version, Version 1810.1205.1548, added better support for iPhone XS Max models, increased app stability to prevent crashes, and fixed the search bug that was causing infinite loading.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • With this update we’ve fixed:
  • Compatibility issues with the iPhone XS Max
  • General app crashes
  • General navigation performance
  • Indefinite spinner when searching for a group to game with

The Xbox mobile apps are useful tools for managing Xbox gaming tasks while away from a console. The apps can be used to add friends, buy games, view Xbox Achievements, and read and write DMs.

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