Internet Explorer 9 now the most popular browser on Windows 7


Microsoft continues to promote its Internet Explorer 9 browser as a modern browser that will appeal to web developers worldwide. Now, new statistics suggest that Internet Explorer 9 is the number one browser on Windows 7, followed by Chrome and Firefox.

“Last month, we mentioned that IE9 was on a path to be the number one modern browser on Windows 7 worldwide. According to Net Applications, IE9 usage share on Windows 7 worldwide is now higher than all versions of Chrome and all versions of Firefox – second only to IE8. That’s great news for consumers and developers alike who can benefit from the richer web experiences and standards support in IE9!” Microsoft’s Roger Capriotti stated in an official blog post.

When comparing the above statistics with those from the month before, you can clearly see the progression of Internet Explorer 9’s market share. Internet Explorer 9 has surpassed Firefox in worldwide browser usage on Windows 7.

Internet Explorer 9 offers developers a browser with hardware acceleration technology that takes advantage of computer graphic capabilities. IE9’s browser large market share and the supports of HTML5, CSS and other web standards allows developers to spend fewer resources tweaking their website to work for different internet explorer versions, especially for IE6 which is becoming more irrelevant day after day.

Google’s Chrome browser has also surpassed Mozilla’s Firefox browser as of this November and it makes you wonder if Mozilla has lost its edge with its rapid release cycle. Chrome is beginning to close the gab between itself and Internet Explorer.

Microsoft recently announced the availability of a new platform preview build of the company’s next internet browser. Internet Explorer 10 platform preview 4, which runs on Windows 8, offers several enhancements and better support for the HTML5 language.