Internet Explorer 10 Browser Launch Settings lets you pick your interface flavor


Internet Explorer 10 will have a neat feature that will open links using the flavor of Internet Explorer that matches a user’s environment in Windows 8. For example, launching a link within a Metro app will launch the Metro styled IE10; whereas laucning a link using a desktop app will launch the standard IE10 interface.

“The default for this setting is ‘Let Internet Explorer decide.’ In other words, links will launch into the appropriate experience based on the invoking context—desktop or Metro style. Links will open in the desktop IE10 when a link is clicked from a desktop application, for example, Microsoft Word, and in Metro style IE10 when a link is opened from a Metro style application,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

For those who don’t like this feature, you can always disable this behavior using the Programs tab of the Internet Properties dialog (see below).

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IE10 must be the default browser in order to change the interface flavor. IE10 will be available in both Metro style and desktop style when it is set as the default browser.