Inspire 2022: Windows 365 gets new features for one year anniversary

Arif Bacchus

There’s been a lot of stories out of Inspire 2022, and one of the biggest relates to Windows 365. It’s been almost a year since Microsoft first revealed the service, and to celebrate, the company added some new features.

In total, there are three tweaks. The first is Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365. This is a new add-on for Windows 365 that should add support for a broader range of endpoint devices and peripherals and security and policy controls. Second up is Windows 365 government expanding to government community cloud and government community cloud high.

Finally, there are tweaks for Windows 365 Business edition. Changes here make it even easier to sign up and seamlessly sign into cloud devices using a Microsoft account and restore a computer to an earlier point in time with point-in-time restore.

You can learn more about Windows 365 on Microsoft’s website. Other stories from Inspire 2022 include Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty, the new Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform and Excel Live, Video Clips in Teams, as well as a new Viva Engage module.