India, Pakistan biggest victims of malware, Microsoft says in new report

Arif Bacchus

According to a new study by Microsoft (via theTimes of India), Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Nepal are all countries which attract the highest rates of attempted malware attacks. Using sensors found in Microsoft’s anti-malware software, the study also found that countries that are are most safe from malware include Japan, Finland, Norway and Sweeden.

Additionally, and as per Times of India, the Microsoft study finds that half of all these Malware attacks originate in Asia and one-fifth in Latin America. Microsoft, though, offers up its own Windows Defender tool to help protect your PC from such malware attacks. The tool was recently given more sureness when a test done by the AV-Institute moved Windows Defender up into the middle of the pack in test score results. The study, The Microsoft Security Intelligence report, published twice a year by Microsoft, can be found by clicking here.