Inbox ads spotted in, are you seeing them?

Arif Bacchus

A few months ago, Microsoft started pushing premium features to Office 365 subscribers including a new option for an ad-free Outlook experience and other enhancements. Noted by Paul Thurrott, Microsoft may now be using inbox ads with standard users who do not have the premium features bundled with Office 365.

This is a first for, which generally does not punish users with this very intrusive type of inbox advertising. It’s also very similar to the kind of ads which may occasionally appear in Gmail, Yahoo, and other free email services. With that so, it will be interesting to see how the community reacts this type of change, or if it will be pushing more Outlook users into buying an Office 356 subscription for premium features and a cleaner and more secure inbox.

Do you find the inbox ads troublesome or intrusive to the traditionally clean experience? Let us know your thoughts below.