ILX launches ISEB Intermediate Certificate course for software testing


…New innovative multi-media e-learning course to strengthen advanced skills in risk analysis and management of software testing…

LONDON – Tuesday 11th January 2010 – ILX Group plc, the global software company delivering innovative Best Practice training solutions, today launched a fully interactive multimedia based course designed for companies and individuals wishing to achieve an Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB) Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing. The ISEB Certificate is awarded for a more advanced level of competence in software testing after Foundation level and requires delegates to understand, and to apply advanced knowledge of key skills in software testing.

The ILX Intermediate Certificate course for software testing covers all the required topics on the ISEB qualification syllabus and is ideal for test professionals such as test analysts, test team leaders and test managers. At Intermediate level, the ISEB requires test professionals to possess essential knowledge about key areas such as Testing Fundamentals; Reviews; Testing and Risk; Test Management; and Test Analysis. Candidates must already hold the ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing and would normally have at least 18 months experience in Software Testing before undertaking the Intermediate Certificate, which is a qualification in its own right and also provides a next step in career development for testing professionals.

Eddie Kilkelly, Chief Operating Officer at ILX Group, commented, “We are delighted to be launching this e-learning route to the ISEB Intermediate Certificate course today. Effective software applications whether on-line, on an iPad or iPhone or integral to your business operation are at the heart of almost every business project today. Testing can represent up to 40% of a software development budget* so reducing the risk of failure and implementing best practices in this area is just as important any other aspect of running a software development project. Our e-learning course includes practical examples and role play exercises in addition to the theory of test management. It provides an excellent opportunity for companies and individuals to advance their knowledge and learn how to apply their new skills immediately. ILX’s exam simulator also helps candidates to retain learning, and is proven to delivers exceptional pass rates.”

Kilkelly adds, “There are huge cost savings to be derived from efficient software testing. Busy test professionals often do not have the time to attend classroom courses, particularly when many organisations are lightly resourced. A high-quality, interactive multimedia e-learning course delivers the benefits of the classroom at a time and place that is convenient to the learner. In addition, training can be targeted to an individual’s specific requirements so they learn exactly what they need at any time and in any place. It also empowers software testing professionals to learn at their own pace, repeating each section as many times as they need to ensure comprehension and learning retention. What’s more, candidates can use the course as a refresher in advance of the examination and to help them resolve issues on an everyday basis.”

The course fees include the exam entrance fee; the examination may be undertaken at any ISEB accredited examination centre anywhere in the world up to 12 months after the purchase of the course. For further information or pricing details please contact [email protected] or call on +44 (0)1270 611600 or visit