Ignite 2019: Project Cortex, a new Microsoft 365 service, will use AI to organize enterprise data

Jonny Caldwell

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Microsoft has just announced their new service, Project Cortex, for enterprises to help them organize their corporate data. The service uses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze data within documents, and organize them into shared topics such as team projects. Additionally, the service will also be able create topic cards and pages to provide relevant knowledge to individuals within the organization.

Microsoft also explains that Project Cortex can also serve useful as a knowledge repository. The service uses AI and machine learning to obtain information from documents, conversations, meetings, and even videos for individuals to access. It uses content stored on SharePoint to help users manage their information with the promise of built-in security, compliance, and workflow.

Microsoft has been heavily invested in AI solutions for some time now, so it’s no secret the company wants to be well ahead of other players in the game. Project Cortex is part of the company’s knowledge investment area—which also brings an advanced people lookup tool to Microsoft Search in the new Edge—in addition to the other core investment areas: productivity, workflow, security, compliance, and management.

How do you think your organization can incorporate Project Cortex into its workflow? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments area below.