Ignite 2018: LinkedIn integration is coming to Microsoft 365

Arif Bacchus


It’s been over two years now since Microsoft first acquired LinkedIn, and the tech giant is continuing to integrate the professional network across its services and offerings. In the latest, at Ignite 2018, the company has just announced that LinkedIn integration will be coming to Microsoft 365.

Soon, Microsoft 365 users will be able to coauthor Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with people in their LinkedIn network. Users will also be able to send emails to people in their LinkedIn network directly from Outlook. “This brings your corporate directory and your LinkedIn network together, so you never lose touch with the contacts who can help you succeed, inside or outside your organization,” explained Microsoft.

Capping off the features of the new LinkedIn integration is the ability for users to see LinkedIn highlights about the people in Outlook meeting invites. This all means users should have an improved workflow, with big focus on seeing what’s important.

Microsoft says the integrations will be coming soon, in a staged rollout. Best to keep tuned for more in the weeks ahead.