HP Workspace virtualization app for Elite X3 shows up in the Windows Store

Laurent Giret

While the HP Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile phone won’t be available for purchase in the US until September 5, the company has already started to tease the device in a series of promotional videos. That’s not all though, as Iranian website Winphone.ir has also spotted that HP Workspace, the premium service that will allow business users to use virtualized Win32 apps when the handset is connected to HP’s Continuum dock, has appeared on the Windows Store (via Windows Central).

While the app is not available to download yet, here is the official description:

HP Workspace enables users to run their Windows desktop apps (x86 and x64) when docked on a Windows Mobile device with Continuum. Using HP Workspace, users can bring the Windows desktop experience, with large-screen, keyboard and mouse support, to their Windows 10 Mobile device, and without the cost of server hardware and IT administration challenges of traditional app virtualization services. A subscription is required to access this service.

Earlier this week, we had the chance to ask some questions to HP’s Vice President and General Manager of the Mobility and Retail Solutions GBU Michael Park, who explained why this app virtualization technology can make the Elite x3 a “3-in-1” device that could meet all of the computing needs of business customers. We invite you to read our full article to get more details about HP’s Windows 10 Mobile strategy with the Elite x3.

HP Workspace
HP Workspace
Developer: HP Inc.
Price: Free