HP testing firmware update for Elite x3, bringing Windows Hello improvements, double tap to wake

Laurent Giret

While HP is getting ready to start shipping its Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile handset in select markets in the next few weeks, the manufacturer is reportedly working on a new firmware update to improve the experience for early adopters of the premium Windows phone. According to Windows Central, the upcoming firmware update should improve the Windows Hello experience in several ways, bringing support for double tap to wake and more.

The HP Elite x3 supports Windows Hello through an iris scanner on the front as well as a fingerprint sensor on the back of the handset. However, HP plans to make the iris scanner more useful by bringing two new exclusive features:
an anti-spoofing feature which will protect users against spoofing attempts as well as a camera preview feature which will ease the identification process by displaying what the iris scanner can see on the handset’s lock screen.

The iris scanner on the HP Elite x3 will get some exclusive settings.
The iris scanner on the HP Elite x3 will get some exclusive settings.

According to the report, the new firmware will also bring support for double tap to wake on the handset with some exclusive features as well. As you can see in the screenshot below, HP has added new settings for adjusting double tap sensitivity and duration between taps.

More exclusive settings for double tap to wake.
More exclusive settings for double tap to wake (credit: Windows Central).

Additionally, the LED light located next to the handset’s iris scanner will light up when the phone is charging, and this feature will be quite handy as the HP Elite x3 doesn’t support the glance screen feature found on some Lumia phones. The LED light will display an orange color when the handset is charging and then become green when the phone is completely charged.

The HTC Windows Phone 8X also used an LED charging light.
The HTC Windows Phone 8X (released in 2012) also used an LED charging light which was hidden in the speaker.

Lastly, Windows Central reports that the new firmware will bring some welcome bug fixes and stability improvements including a fix for a camera crashing issue. It is not clear yet when HP plans to roll out this new firmware update for the Elite x3 so we’ll have to wait to see if it happens near the release of the Anniversary Update which is expected to hit the handset starting September 13th. As a reminder, installing the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update will be necessary to enable the fingerprint sensor on the HP Elite x3. Let us know in the comments if you think this upcoming firmware update will help the HP Elite x3 stand out next to Microsoft’s Lumia 950 and 950XL.