HP explains why the Elite x3 Windows 10 phone is perfect for first responders

Laurent Giret

HP Elite x3 police department

Since Lumia handsets are now clearly on the way out, HP has become one of the few OEMs that supports Microsoft’s vision of Windows 10 Mobile as a business-focused mobile OS. Last year, HP released the Elite x3, a premium handset that is currently marketed as a 3-in-1 device for the enterprise, and the company recently published a new promotional video to showcase how the device can be used in a police department.

The video emphasizes the handset’s durability (it’s resistant to water and dust), battery life and versatility, which are obviously very useful features for police officers working on the field. More importantly, the company highlighted the following use cases:

  • Police offers can use the handset to record field notes, take a statement and upload high-quality images to internal databases.
  • On the move, police patrols can also connect the handset to add additional information using a real keyboard and a larger screen.
  • Back at the station, the HP Elite x3 can be docked for a PC-like experience, with access to the department’s desktop apps with HP Workspace.
  • Using Elite x3 handsets and Continuum could also allow police departments to have fewer devices to manage in the station

These are all great points overall, assuming that Windows 10 Mobile, Continuum and HP Workspace are already up to the tasks. Indeed, Continuum still has some limitations such as no support for windowed apps, and HP Workspace needs a solid Internet connection to be able to stream legacy desktop apps on the handset.

Anyway, HP seems to be all-in on the 3-in-1 device and the company clearly seems better at marketing Windows 10 Mobile in 2017 than Microsoft. Let us know your thoughts about this promotional video in the comments below!