HP explains its reasoning behind recent Windows 7 PC controversy


HP explains its reasoning behind recent Windows 7 PC controversy

The tech world can get very worked up over silly things at times, though I suppose that is the case with news media in general. You may recall how, just days ago, the industry devoured the story of HP announcing it would, again, sell Windows 7 computers. The doom and gloomers called it a major Windows 8 fail.

Well, not so fast there. First, other manufacturers like Dell never stopped selling Windows 7. Second, HP has fallen a bit behind in the market, and more choice provides more chance of a sales comeback.

Today the company, in a post on its blog, essentially said the same thing. “Whether you’ve been reading the tech news blogs – or just saw an ad on our HP Shopping page, you’ve probably been asking yourself, ‘Why is HP selling Windows 7 PCs in a Windows 8 world?’ The answer is dead simple: Choice. We like giving our customers the option to get the computer that’s right for them”.

Yes, the company that sells Windows 8/8.1, Android, Chrome OS, even WebOS is offering one more choice in its lineup. And it’s one that many businesses will welcome, so why does everyone seem so surprised by this?

The company does get a bit defensive sounding near the end, stating “Let me put this in perspective for you.  All the five Windows 7 products we launched are available with Windows 8 as well”. Still, the reasoning behind it is sound, the competition is doing it.