How Microsoft’s decision on removing start button will effect Windows 8 (editorial)


The Start button has been a part of Windows right from Windows 95 all the way up to Windows 7, but Microsoft has decided to remove the start button from the upcoming operating system, Windows 8. This is one of the biggest mistakes that Microsoft is doing with Windows 8, and here’s why.

For the user, the Start button has been an integral part of Windows. At allows you to perform any function, just click on the Windows icon on the lower left corner of the screen and off yo go. But with Windows 8, they won’t be able to do this any more. The removal of start button will lead to a lot of confusion for the average user. Many videos are already floating around on the net showing how your average users get confused while using Windows 8. Since they do not see any start button they do not try to take their mouse to the lower left corner to switch back to the start screen. Shut down option has always been in the Start menu which was accessed by clicking on the start button. But with Windows 8, I have seen a lot of average users struggling hard to find the option of shutting down the computer.

The lack of a start button will make the user think twice before upgrading. I don’t really see any point in why Microsoft is ditching the start button. It could still be a part of the new Windows 8 desktop. Having a start button helps the average user to switch between the metro and the desktop interface. Instead of ditching the start button, a better decision would have been an overhaul of the Start Orb look. They could have modified the start orb to give it a metro type look.

People resist changes and that’s typical human nature. The majority of users buying Windows 8 will be average users. So only time will tell how the decision of removing start button will effect the overall popularity of Windows 8.