This is how Microsoft envisioned the ‘smart home’ back in 1999 (video)


This is how Microsoft envisioned the 'smart home' back in 1999 (video)

There is no denying it – technology has indeed come a long way. From those tin cans containing AOL internet access trial CDs to the pesky dial-up internet connection we all had to suffer through, technology sure has changed since 1999. While we were anticipating and wondering about the “Y2K bug,” Microsoft was envisioning what our home would look like in the future.

In the video, which is narrated by Alie Chang, who happens to be a critically acclaimed environmental designer and architectural planner, we get to see Microsoft’s smart home in action. Pay close attention to the video and see if you notice any of these “futuristic” technology concepts being used today. Keep an eye out for the Pocket PC cameo!

“As technology progresses in every aspect of our everyday lives, our home environment is catching up with the latest internet and other electronic inventions. Alie Chang shows us how Microsoft envisions a futuristic “smart-home,” the video description reads. We’ve embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure.

Remember how the screen sizes of PC monitors used to be so small? Sound off in the comments below and share your fond memories of the old technology world.