Highly anticipated games like Final Fantasy XVI will never come to Xbox due to Sony exclusions

Robert Collins

We now know that some pretty heavily-anticipated games won’t be coming to Xbox consoles due to agreements Sony has made with third party publishers.

This is according to Microsoft’s response to the XMA’s issues statement back in October, in which named several titles that were under “Xbox exclusion” agreements.

Apparently this tidbit had gone unnoticed until recently pointed out in a Twitter post by Xbox News for Koreans. As you can see in that post below, the list of titles under such exclusion agreements is pretty impressive…not to mention disappointing for Xbox gamers, particularly fans of the Final Fantasy roleplaying franchise.

Among the games for which Sony has procured console exclusivity: Final Fantasy XVIFinal fantasy VII Remake (all three installments), and the Silent Hill 2 remake. The Xbox exclusion stipulation doesn’t seem to apply to PC gaming, so we may at least eventually see PC versions of these games as has already been the case with Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Featured image via IGN.