Here’s what’s new with Fortnite Season 4 on Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

Fortnite Season 4 on Xbox One

The incredibly popular video game, Fortnite, has just received a massive update with adds loads of new content, fixes heaps of bugs, and officially begins the title’s fourth season event.

Season 4 of Fortnite revolves around a comet that’s crashed into the planet and changed many of the maps players would be used to in addition to adding some new areas to explore. This update also adds some new story content, some new items, and some changes for the famous Battle Royale mode which has taken the gaming world by storm.

Here’s some of the changes that have been made to the game as a whole and the Battle Royale mode. You can read the full, super-long, release notes for this update here.

  • Input settings are now filtered based on game mode.
  • They’ve also been grouped by category (Combat, Building, Editing, etc.) to make it easier to search through them.
  • Added icons for the tabs at the top of the Settings screen.
  • Added “Ignore Gamepad Input” option to the Accessibility settings tab.
  • This setting can be helpful to players who use external programs to remap their controller input and need the game to ignore the controller input.
  • Structures on the starting island can now be destroyed. Not the Battle Bus, though.
  • Headshots are now prioritized when other body parts are in the way.
  • Incoming headshots (from above or straight on) will no longer be blocked by your character’s other body parts.
  • For example, a shot that hits your target’s hand will be able to penetrate through and hit their head if your aim was on point. You’ll be credited headshot damage instead of normal damage.
  • Headshots from below that are blocked by a body part (legs, torso, hands, shoulders, arms) will do normal damage, except for impacts very close to your character’s head.
  • This change affects all weapons, except for the Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher.
  • Slightly reduced the hitbox size of player hands.
  • Damage numbers are now visible when spectating a player.
  • Knocking a player off the island will award elimination credit like normal fall damage.
  • Fall distance is now shown in the elimination feed when a player is forced to fall by an opponent.
  • On the starting island, you can now see other players (and player-created structures) about three times further away than before.

A cinematic trailer for Fortnite Season 4 has also been released to help promote the new content.

All of this new content is now live in Fortnite across its numerous platforms including Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles. Have you had a chance to play Season 4 yet? Let us know if you like it in the comments below and make sure to follow us on Pinterest for more Xbox One content.