Here’s Microsoft’s latest Xbox ad with NFL Seattle Seahawk Russell Wilson

Arif Bacchus

From NFL-themed type Surface type covers, and their ongoing partnership with the National Football League to use Surface tablets on the sidelines, Microsoft has displayed a deep interest in the American sport of football. Yesterday, the company continued the NFL push and published a new Xbox ad featuring NFL star Russell Wilson.

As seen above, the latest 40-second long advertisement features Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson playing Madden NFL 17 with a Xbox fan. Funny at best, the two discuss why the Xbox fan did not choose Russel for his fantasy league (after a notification pops up on the screen from the NFL on Xbox App.)  The ad then ends with some specifications on the Xbox One S, such as the fact that it supports 4K, and fantasy football for the price of just $299.

This Xbox ad is just one of many which we have already reported on. And, it comes right as a new report indicates Microsoft and Xbox are outspending everyone in game-related TV advertising heading into this holiday season.