Here’s how PUBG will work on an Xbox One controller

Laurent Giret

There are just a couple of hours left before PUBG launches on the Xbox One, so shooter fans (including keyboard and mouse warriors) might want to check out how the battle royale game will be played with an Xbox controller. Yesterday, the Xbox team shared all the details about the Xbox Control Scheme for PUBG, explaining that the developer has worked closely with Microsoft to make sure that PC players will feel right at home on the Xbox One.

You’ll notice that several buttons have a dual-purpose when you’re just exploring the world. “For example, holding X will allow you to reload your weapon; tapping X will allow you to interact with objects,” the Xbox team explained. By pressing the left trigger, you’ll enter aiming mode and you can see the different controls below (note that you can hold your breath by presing LB to increase your accuracy):

There are lots of vehicles in PUBG, and you’ll just have to press X to enter in one. When in the driver seat, note that you’ll be able to quickly change seat (in order to use your weapons) by holding A.

Lastly, inventory management is very important in this game, and you can access your items by pressing the Menu button. Once you’re there, you can navigate between the different columns with RB/LB and select the items you want to use. “The key here is that pressing X picks up items into your bag like ammo and attachments, A swaps and equips items with your current loadout, and Y always drops the selected or highlighted item,” explained the Xbox team.

That’s just a quick overview of the basics, and as with all games, practice should do the rest. PUBG will be available in the US and Canada at 9PM PST today, and you can check all the details about the market release schedule on Major Nelson’s blog.