Here’s a big thanks to Windows Insiders from Gabe Aul

Vu Anh Nguyen

To Windows Insiders, Gabe Aul is probably the most familiar face within Microsoft. Having overseen the program since the beginning, Gabe Aul has been the causes of heart rate fluctuations for Windows enthusiasts with his weekly Windows 10 build tweets, and also received his fair share of nagging from impatient fans. To celebrate Build 2016 – one of Microsoft’s biggest annual conference that focuses on developers – Aul has sent out a heart-warming thank you to Windows Insiders in the form of a short video on Twitter.

Build is the culmination of all the cool development projects happening in Microsoft, during which the company also spoke about the Insiders Program and revealed some big news about Windows, like the upcoming Anniversary Update. The program has been an important part of Microsoft’s changing culture of listening to customers, opening up development, and gaining back interest in the Windows Platform. Aul has been essential to that process, and there’re very few things we can say besides: Thank you Gabe Aul for all your effort.

Now, when is that new build coming?