Here is how Microsoft helped British authorities following the Westminster Bridge attack

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft India

Following the terror attack that took place in Westminster, London, last week Microsoft assisted British authorities by handing over information upon receiving a legal request to do so.

In a statement (via Mashable), the company explained how quickly its team responded to a legal request for information:

Our team responded in under 30 minutes last week to verify that the legal order was valid and provided law enforcement the information that was sought

Microsoft’s President, Brad Smith, continued by explaining that the team responsible for handing over information when requested was available “24/7,” while defending the company’s decision to comply with legal requests:

Our global team is on call 24/7 and responds when it receives a proper and lawful order. This of course is different from helping a government outside the rule of law to turn over private information or hack or attack a customer, which we’ve said clearly we will not do. We’re committed both to protecting public safety and safeguarding personal privacy, and we believe that proper legal process is the key to striking this balance.

Microsoft’s response comes after the UK’s Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, called for companies to not “provide a secret place for terrorists,” saying that WhatApp’s end-to-end encryption is “completely unacceptable.”

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