Here's our first look at the new TV commercials for Windows 10

Kellogg Brengel

Here is the first set of commericals for Windows 10

Last night on the Windows YouTube channel, Microsoft released five promotional videos which appear to be the beginning of their TV advertising campaign for Windows 10, now just 9 days away from launch.

Titled “Introducing Windows 10 – The future starts now,” the series of videos all showcase cute and loveable kids from around the world as a spokesperson talks about all the things these kids will never have to do, or will only know, because of Windows 10. For example, saying these kids will never have to remember passwords (because of Windows Hello), and how webpages are meant to scribbled on (because of Microsoft Edge’s new ink support). These kids will also expect their devices to listen and talk to them, as well as each of these kids will have their own personal assistant (Cortana).

The first video is the one minute long “Introducing Windows 10 – The future starts now” video, which is the source for all of the other shorter videos. It starts with kids around the world against different landscapes and then contains more up close shots of a kids as it cleverly describes the features of Windows 10. The advertisements also end with the new slogan for Windows 10, “a more human way to do.”

There is also a 30 second version that quickly covers how Windows 10 will enable you to login with your smile, have your own personal assistant, and allow you to not just surf the web, but touch it.

Lastly, there are three 15 second spots. “There is Introducing Windows 10 – Your own personal assistant,” “Introducing Windows 10 – Don’t worry about passwords. Log in with a smile,” and “Introducing Windows 10 – A more human way to use the web.”

The advertisements have a great polished look with cute kids and are able to talk about multiple features of Windows 10 in plain English, without even mentioning the names of the features like Windows Hello, Cortana and Microsoft Edge. Instead, it is a very much more human and personal way to tell the story of how Windows 10 can simply be “a more human way to do.” What do you think of Microsoft’s approach to promoting Windows 10 and the new slogan, let us know in the comments section