Here are the launch times for Sea of Thieves in your area

Arif Bacchus

After months of anticipation, the moment is finally here for those who have been waiting for Sea of Thieves. The game is launching 9 PM PDT tonight on March 19 here in the United States, so here is a quick look at what time you can start playing in some other popular regions across the world.

If you’re located in New Zealand, you can start playing at 11:00 UTC on March 19th, 2018. Similarly, if you’re in Australia, you can start playing at on March 19th at 13:00 UTC. Finally, if you’re in India, you can start playing on March 19th at 18:30 UTC. Of course, you can check the full list of launch times for other regions here.

In other news, Sea of Thieves will be getting a Day One Patch, complete with the latest in pirate eyewear. Microsoft has also heavily marketed the title by launching a pirate out of a cannon, offering Sea of Thieves free with an Xbox One X, and even sending people on a real-life treasure hunt.