HBO just released a new teaser trailer for its “The Last of Us” television series

Robert Collins

HBO has released a new trailer for its upcoming “The Last of Us” TV series. The nearly two-minute trailer features a montage of clips from the show with Hank William’s almost dirge-like “Alone and Forsaken” providing the tone.

This is the first official trailer for the The Last of Us HBO series; previously we had only a still image to go on, featuring stars Pedro Pascal (as Joel) and Bella Ramsey (playing Ellie). We know that the two Game of Thrones alums will be joined by video game voice acting veterans Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson in some fashion, though further details aren’t known.

Last of Us

The show will premiere sometime in 2023, though an exact release date has not been given. It will apparently be an HBO Max exclusive. Will “The Last of Us” take its place among the excellent video game-to-television adaptations of recent years? We’ll have to wait until 2023 to find out.