Happy holidays! New Windows games pit Santa against zombies and a noose


Happy holidays! New Windows games pit Santa against Zombies and a noose

Nothing screams ‘holiday season’ quite like zombie uprisings and potential executions, right? Sure, I knew you would agree, and that’s why you’ll be interested in two brand new games for Windows. The titles — “Hang Me Christmas” and “Santa vs Zombies” have just hit the Windows Store and are awaiting your help to save Santa from certain doom.

In Hang me Christmas you’ll be taken back to your youth with the traditional word game of Hangman. Except all the words you need to uncover are holiday-related, and you’ll only be allowed 5 mistakes before the gallows claims you — don’t worry, the stick figure in no way resembles Kris Kringle, so your children will not be scarred by seeing you lose. Meanwhile, the kids may have a problem seeing the jolly old elf being overrun by the Zombie hoard in Santa vs Zombies, as you fight to protect the North Pole from the undead.

All jokes aside, both games should provide some amusement to your day. Also, each is free, which is nice, given we all spend enough at this time of year. These titles were produced and released by a Microsoft employee who goes by the handle hielo777 — a game designer on the side.