Hands-on walkthrough of new Outlook.com Metro email service (video)


Microsoft, who recently launched the new Outlook Metro email service as a successor to Hotmail, has everyone talking about the new service as a compliment to Windows 8. Microsoft has been working hard to Metrofy its services to match the look of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

In this hands-on video walkthough of the new Outlook Metro email service, notice how the look is drastically different compared to Hotmail. Outlook is modern and gives you a fresh, clean design that’s intuitive. Outlook is also connected with Twitter and Facebook, as well as productive by giving you free Word, Excel, and PowerPoint web apps built in with 7GB of free SkyDrive storage. Outlook also doesn’t use your personal data for advertisements. Head over to Outlook.com to sign up for the new Outlook after watching the video below.